Our Story

Our Brand

Anna Gray Collection creates lively outerwear for women looking to add a little merriment, joie de vivre, and color to their lives.  Founded during the Covid-19 pandemic, Anna Gray pieces are thoughtfully designed, responsibly produced, and meant to be cherished for years to come. 

Woodhill Collection

Our first collection is named after the street on which our founder grew up.  Woodhill was conceived during the Covid-19 pandemic when time slowed down, and we all stayed at home. Each coat is named after an important, fierce woman in our founder's life, each of whom had strong connections with their hometowns.  That connection to home and sense of belonging was a core theme for this collection, as well as the idea of leaving home to go work towards our dreams, another idea that these women portrayed in their lives.

Woodhill is the magical dawn after the rain stops and the fog lifts. Woodhill is the beginning.

A Note From Anna Gray

Welcome! I'm so thrilled to introduce you to Anna Gray Collection and specifically to Woodhill. Growing up on Woodhill was a legendary experience for which I'll be forever thankful. On Woodhill my imagination flourished, and I spent countless hours running all over our neighborhood with my siblings and friends.

I get quite nostalgic thinking about that time of life. It was on Woodhill that my love for clothing began.  My mother taught me to sew at a young age, but for the longest time I only wanted to buy clothes from the mall. In high school, I experimented more with sewing and clothes in general which led me to major in Fashion Design in college.

Towards the end of college, I started learning about ethical and fair trade fashion. This opened my eyes to the reality of how a large majority of our garments are made - by human beings who are not being paid living wages who are being forced to work in unsafe conditions. I knew I wanted to make sure that whenever I started my brand, it would be built on an ethical supply chain.

Confirmed by my experience working in the fashion industry, I knew I wanted to create intentional, slow fashion.  Garments that will last for years, not a few wears.  In addition to creating quality clothes, I want this brand to feel like a warm hug, and also a little nudge. A hug because you are invited to be a part of this brand. A little nudge because I want to see you go after your dream, too.


Anna Gray